Patents and Opportunities

Over the years, TA&T has developed novel technologies which result in USPTO patents. As the patent holder, TA&T holds licensing rights to the use of these technologies. Below is a list of TA&T patents with licensing opportunities. Parties interested in licensing the listed technology should contact TA&T headquarters.


USPTO 6,506,483 - Ceramic Fiber Debond Coatings - Non-oxide debond coated reinforcing fibers that are resistant to oxidation at temperatures above about C. are described. The debond coatings are non-hygroscopic, and exhibit debond performance equal to or better than the prior art such coatings. The coated fibers of the present invention comprise a non-oxide fiber with or without a thin conventionally applied pyrolytic carbon layer overcoated with a non-hygroscopic silicon and titanium containing single or multi-layer structure that imparts all of the properties demanded of a debond coating while additionally providing exceptional oxidation resistance protection.


USPTO 6,558,794 - Ceramic Particulate Reinforced Orthopedic Implants - Material compositions for use in orthopedic implants comprising blends of ultra high molecular weight polyethylene (UHMWPE) and hard ceramic powders prepared by blending powdered UHMWPE and the ceramic powder in a high shear mixer are described. Orthopedic implants are then fabricated by pressure/thermo-forming the ceramic/polymer blend into a net shape prosthesis or a rod suitable for subsequently machining the desired components using diamond tooling. Net shape forming is the preferred method for preparing the orthopedic implants.


USPTO 6,666,901 - Thermal Shock Resistant Quasicrystalline Alloy Target - Targets for the fabrication of quasicrystalline films are prepared from powders of the elemental constituents of the objective quasicrystalline material that have been pressed into a required target shape. The temperature of target fabrication is maintained sufficiently low that quasicrystalline alloy formation does not occur during target fabrication. Due to the high thermal shock resistance of each of the individual constituents and due to the dispersed form of the powders comprising the target, the target demonstrates very high resistance to thermal shock.


USPTO 7,000,451 - Friction Testing Device - A device for the determination of the frictional characteristics of large surfaces comprising: a frame; a drive motor mounted atop the frame; a drive train; a horizontal measurement arm attached to the drive train and capable of circular rotation; a spherical frictional slider attached to the distal end of the measurement arm that contacts and slides along a surface under evaluation; the frictional slider comprising a spherical member that directly engages the surface under evaluation; and a tangential force detector on the measurement arm to measure the resistance encountered by the spherical member as it slides along the surface under evaluation.


USPTO 9,207,190 - Method for Nondestructive Testing of Optical Discontinuities in Monolithic Transparent Polycrystalline Ceramic Articles - A method of non-destructive detection of solid inclusions with varying sensitivities but highly congruent positional identification by both short-wavelength and long-wavelength methods. The short-wavelength method consists of lateral scatter (LS) and the long-wavelength method consists of THz imaging. The LS method was able to detect all agglomerated inclusions, transparency variations, voids, and localized phase differences. The THz imaging was able to routinely detect solid inclusions and index inhomogeneity. In combination, the LS and THz imaging methods were able to detect all relevant types of material variation, so that the combination of the two non-destructive testing methods provides a solution capable of detecting the full array of critical material variations in transparent polycrystalline ceramic materials.

Ta&T news

TA&T Part of Team to Improve EMP Protection

The Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)/SCC announces the beginning of a Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract with Instant Access Networks, LLC (IAN) and its subcontractors as of March 28, 2016 entitled, “Accelerating Society-wide EMP Protection of Critical Infrastructure and Micro-grids”. DTRA’s request for proposals (RFP) was an invitation to small businesses to participate in a commercial R&D program to create EMP protected micro grids for critical infrastructure needed both on and off military bases and other defense critical infrastructure.  The need was explained by DTRA as follows: “An electromagnetic (EM) attack (nuclear electromagnetic pulse [EMP] or non-nuclear EMP [e.g., high-power microwave, HPM]) has the potential to degrade or shut down portions of the electric power grid important to the DoD….  Restoring the commercial grid from the still functioning regions may not be possible or could take weeks or months.” 


A key task on this contract is to demonstrate how to accelerate the adoption of EMP-protected critical infrastructure and microgrids among civilian institutions that need to operate in island mode during a prolonged power outage.   These critical suppliers to military bases include water utilities, hospitals, and emergency communications.  The final report would include proposals for additional research in the improvement of component technologies that comprise an EMP-protected microgrid such as EMP shielding, energy generation, energy storage and energy savings technology.  Those improvements can lead to performance and cost advantages that could make these microgrids competitive with grid provided power in some areas of the country and more easily funded in every location.


IAN set its own goal to gather collaborators who will fund EMP protected microgrids for water utilities, hospitals and emergency operations centers so that they don’t have to find funds out of their capital budgets.  Fairfax Water, a subcontractor to IAN in this contract, is a great example because of its critical role to many defense critical infrastructure applications in the national capital region and because of the attractive electricity rates it enjoys.  Fairfax Water supplies Fort Belvoir and the surrounding areas with 163 million gallons of water per day.  Though Fairfax Water  lies outside the base, it is essential for base operations but likely to be vulnerable to  EMP because of its dependence on civilian power grids that are not protected from EMP even though the local utility in this instance is otherwise extremely reliable.  Protecting civilian infrastructure such as Fairfax Water is just as important as protecting the critical applications on the base.


IAN developed EMP-protected microgrids that included solar, wind and diesel power generation and control rooms independently tested to exceed military standards for EMP by 1000 fold.  IAN subcontractors include Technology Assessment and Transfer (TA&T), a materials science R&D firm that will provide technical assistance on electromagnetic shielding materials and components of energy storage systems; DC Fusion/ Power Analytics that will provide support for direct current microgrids and modeling software for the design and management of microgrids; Jaxon Engineering and Maintenance who will provide EMP testing support and EMP shielding manufacturing guidance; and Fairfax Water, who will provide water utility management guidance.

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